Lasers for Thoracic Surgery

For Thoracic Surgery, biolitec® has combined cost effective and reliable diode lasers with high quality fibre optics and instruments to make procedures safer and more cost effective for health care professionals with an excellent standard of care for the patients.

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Operations and resections of lung metastases as well as lung tumours in the European biolitec reference centres have proved that performing interventions with the LEONARDO® DUAL 100 and its wavelength combination of 1470nm and 980nm is safe and also successful with regard to incision and haemostasis of the lung tissue as well as with regard to the postoperative sealing of the resection surfaces.

Thanks to low maintenance costs, biolitec®’s diode lasers also stand out in regard to economic efficiency. The Laser Systems can be supplemented with a high-capacity smoke evacuation technology.

In the field of thoracic surgery and pneumology, premium laser probes with different core diameters (600 / 1000 µm) and configurations (gas-cooled fiber tips) ensure exact coagulation, vaporisation and ablation of tumor tissue.


Leonardo 100W