Scivita Single use Hystero Videoscopy (Ureteroscope)



More Information

Two Models : 8.4fr with in built suction, or true 7.5fr without suction.


  • Our 8.4fr model has a Working Channel: 3.6Fr (1.2mm)
  • The uniform outer diameter 8.4Fr (2.8mm) Slim, pliable and tough insertion core to help operator navigate smoothly in urethra and kidney, ensuring sufficient irrigation flow.
  • The new 7.5fr model Increases irrigation flow, it has a bullet style 7.2fr tip designed for easier insertion and less trauma to the patient. The working channel 3.6fr (1.2mm)

Both models have the following features:

  • Fully compatible with holmium and thulium fibre lasers
  • More precise; the maximum 60° rotation function allows the operator to change the shaft’s angle by rotating. This enables more user precision and comfort. This also alleviates repetitive strain injuries
  • Field of View: Wider field of view of 120° gives the operator a better visual experience
  • Deflection 285° UP/DOWN: Deflection capabilities of 285° up and down allow for optimal visualization throughout the whole urological tract
  • The rotation function at the top of the device allows the operator to manage the operation in a standing or sitting position. This removes all cabling from the surgical line
  • Comes packed with a T Touhy Borst adapter
  • Excellent passive bending. Effectively reaches the lower calyces
  • Cost effective, crossing the economic line making single use ureteroscopes viable for everyday use  


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