Scivita Single Use Cystocope


Full HD Visualisation Endoscopic Image Processor

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Single use Urology Videoscope (Cystoscope)

  • Fully compatible with TULA works with both 980nm / 1470nm laser wavelengths.
  • Used for everyday cystoscopy, botox and investigative surgery.  
  • Comes packed with a Y Touhy Borst adapter.
  • Working channel 6.6Fr (2.2mm)
  • Deflection 220° UP/DOWN Deflection capabilities of 285° up and down allow for optimal visualization.
  • More Precise The maximum 60° rotation function allows the operator to change the shaft’s angle by rotating. This enables more user precision and comfort. This also alleviates repetitive strain injuries. This is very useful for bladder neck tumours
  • Field of View: 120°. Wider field of view of 120° gives the operator a better visual experience.
  • The rotation function at the top of the device allows the operator to manage the operation in a standing or sitting position. This removes all cabling from the surgical line.
  • Excellent passive bending. Effectively reaches the lower calyces.
  • Cost effective, crossing the economic line making single use cystoscopes viable for everyday use. 


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