Revolix HTL LISA Laser

The NEW Revolix HTL (Hybrid Thulium Laser) the latest development in laser technology

It has been a long wait, but the new technology for the treatment of stones has finally arrived and you can treat the prostate and soft tissue also. It is small, silent, versatile and very powerful.

This is the next generation of laser machines.



Hybrid Thulium Laser

    • 150W of Thulium in continuous mode (ThuVarp, Thulep, ThuVep, Soft Tissue)
    • 150W in pulsed mode. (Qausi Holep mode, Super dusting stones)
    • Up to 300Htz
    • Fully adjustable pulse width 100 – 4750μs
    • Peak pulse powers up to 1000W
    • No retropulsion
    • Dual Foot pedal
    • Multiple settings on demand
    • Silent
    • Standard power connection
    • Can be moved easily

Previously the Revolix series could only treat soft tissue. The NEW Revolix HTL (Hybrid Thulium Laser) has the ability to work in pulsed mode as well as the traditional continuous wave mode. This means the machine can treat stones as well as soft tissue

The NEW Revolix HTL (Hybrid Thulium Laser) has the ability to dust stones to smaller particle sizes. With a pulse ratio up to 300Htz and a peak pulse value of up 1000W the user will have the ability to tackle larger harder stones quicker. There is the potential to reduce the number of PCNL procedures resulting in possible cost savings and freeing up bed space.

From the same source, our Thulium YAG system. The ability to treat the prostate has many optional treatment modes including now the ability to mimic a HoLep with Thulium. This is in addition to the well know ThuVarp, ThuVep and treatment of soft Tissue. Thulium treatment of the prostate is widely accepted globally as a gold standard


    • Vaporization (ThuVAP)
    • Vaporesection(ThuVaRP)
    • Vapoenucleation(ThuVEP)
    • Anatomical enucleation (ThuLEP, new publication)
    • Reaching out to quasi HoLEP(Pulsed ThuLEP)


    • Upper tract urotelcarcinoma (UTUC)
    • Bladder tumours(ENBLOC)


    • Flexible & rigid RIRS for dusting & fragmentation


Revolix HTL


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