Lasers in Gynaecology

Lasers in Gynaecology

Discover the flexibility of Biolitecs diode lasers in contact and non-contact in the treatment of all pathologies in gynaecology.

As a unique company that develops and produces both diode lasers and glass fibers, they have bundled all there know-how to offer the right solution for every requirement in everyday surgery.
With the dual diode laser LEONARDO® Dual 45 and a clear set of instruments, you are well positioned to offer women gentle treatment methods, always with the goal of uterus preservation.

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The most important advantage in gynaecological surgery is that you can bring the laser energy to where you want it, both in non-contact and in contact mode. The glass fibre allows simultaneous cutting with homeostasis, so that you always have a good view of the tissue to be treated. The defined penetration depth protects surrounding tissue and the laser energy can be used in all media, such as saline solution or CO2.

Specific Applications:

In gynecology we distinguish between the three areas HOLA®, ELLA and minimally invasive surgery.

HOLA® is an acronym and stands for Hysteroscopic Outpatient Laser Applications.

HOLA® covers all applications in hysteroscopy:

• Myomas
• Adenoids
• Septum
• Isthmocele

ELLA is our name for Endometriosis Laparoscopic Laser Applications. Of course, laparoscopy cannot only treat endometriosis.

Fields of application are here:

• Endometriosis
• Myomas
• Ovarian cysts
• Adhesions
• Salpingectomy
• Cysts

Minimal-invasive Surgery

In addition to hysteroscopic and laparoscopic applications, you can treat pathologies of the cervix and vulva. These can also be achieved under local anaesthetic.

Applications here include:

• Condylomas
• Conisation
• Dysplasias


HOLA, ELLA & Minimally Invasive Surgery